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WallCuffs - bound to the wall with one click

WallCuffs - bound to the wall with one click

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Introducing our innovative and secure 3D-printed wall-mountable shackles, designed to offer unparalleled convenience, customizable sizes and safety. With no need for a key, these shackles feature a built-in locking mechanism that ensures they can only be opened by another person or the help of a second head. So once you are trapped with both hands, there is no escape without help.

Their versatile design allows for easy attachment to walls or other objects using the integrated holes, meant to house two screws. Once securely fastened, which is done by one easy click, these shackles can only be opened with the other hand from your or another person, providing an extra layer of security. When used in pairs and screwed to a surface, the shackles become virtually impenetrable, as only another person can open them.

For those seeking even greater security, you can opt to attach a padlock through the printed O-ring located within the locking click-mechanism, providing an extra level of protection that can only be opened with a the key – making access impossible without it, even with another free hand.

Embrace the unique and satisfying closing click sound that our shackles produce, creating an enjoyable experience especially as you close them. 🥳

To ensure a perfect fit, our shackles are made to measure precisely to your wrist circumference. Accurate measurements are crucial, so please take care to measure within precise parameters.

Please note that while you can choose the diameter in centimeters, the actual unit is millimeters. Unfortunately, the menu does not provide a millimeter option, so we've used centimeters as the representation.

Upgrade your “security measures” with our remarkable 3D-printed wallshackles, offering unmatched functionality and style. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your possessions are “safely locked” away, all while enjoying the satisfaction of their unique look and click sound.


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