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Rigid Fiddle

Rigid Fiddle

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The Schandgeige / Halsgeige / Hals-Handcuff dates back to the Middle Ages.

This shackle is 3D printed.

It encloses the neck and wrists of the person to be tied up, with the hands next to each other in front of the body. The neck fiddle consists of two symmetrically arranged parts that are connected at the back with a hinge. The wrists are enclosed separately by two parts, which in turn are clamped into the side parts. To do this, the neck fiddle is opened and the neck and hands (with the inserts) are brought into the appropriate position. The fiddle is then closed and prevented from opening by a safety bolt. This is secured and locked with a padlock to prevent it from being pulled out.

The 3D printing and the three-dimensional filling make it very light but still stable, so that you feel like you are unable to move, but there is hardly any weight on your joints and neck. This means that the Schandgeige can also be worn for longer periods of time.

The edges are rounded (unlike other models made of plexiglass) with a radius of several millimeters, so that they do not cut into the skin unpleasantly.

The pillory is suitable for self-bondage, in which the safety device is attached from bottom to top. If it is attached from top to bottom, it is not possible to open it yourself, even with a key within reach.

The lock is NOT included.

Neck (diameter): 14 cm
Hand (Oval, Length/Width): 50mm x 65mm

Material: PLA, white / different colors


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