Bondage Games

Welcome to the website all about FesselSpiele (BondageGaemes)!

Have you ever wondered how to introduce playful and uncomplicated bondage to someone and possibly get them excited about it? Or have you thought about self-bondage?

For both, you are in the right place at This website and our shop are dedicated to these topics. Our 3D-printed toys can be ordered right here.

Multimedia collage

Lage Restraints

Larger restraints for more than just hands and feet. 

Restraints for the Hands

Handcuffs and More - Everything for the Hands 

  • Free through Restraints

    Modern lifestyles lead to constant stress from decisions and tasks. Even attempts to relax require extra energy and conscious choices. When you are restrained, you are relieved of the duty to make decisions for that time. For that period, you are free. 🍀

    Free through Restraints