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Icelock (approx. 2 hours)

Icelock (approx. 2 hours)

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With the Self-Bondage Time Lock you can now expand your bondage repertoire. Fill the hollow cylinder with water, insert the pin and place the lock in the freezer. Once frozen, the ice will prevent it from opening and you will have no choice but to wait until the ice melts.

You can attach the time lock to your handcuffs, a chain, a rope or whatever you prefer. There is a sturdy eyelet in both the cylinder and the pin.

The time lock was specially developed for self-bondage, but is also suitable for naughty couples' BDSM fun. It is aesthetically pleasing and durable because it is made of plastic using 3D printing.

The lock remains securely locked when frozen and only opens after two hours. During this time you can concentrate fully on your bondage session and give in to your pleasure to the fullest. There is no escape.

The lock is available in different colors so you can customize it to your individual taste.

You can attach locks, individual handcuffs, carabiners or other toys to the solid ring to customize your bondage session. With the self-bondage time lock you can let your creativity run wild and take your BDSM games to a new level.

Delivered WITHOUT locks and WITHOUT handcuffs.


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